Metroflor is Committed to Transparency


Metroflor and HMTX IndustriesTM have taken a leadership stance in the area of LVT product transparency. We're committed to ensuring end-users have the information they need to make informed decisions about our products and actively support the DeclareSM and JustSM transparency platforms. Health Product Declarations (HPDs) have also been published for a wide range of our products.

Metroflor has Declare® labels for Engage Genesis, Engage Inception, Metroflor LVT, Attraxion, Verçade Wall Fashion, and Artistek products. Declare® is a transparency platform that answers three questions:

  • 1. Where does a product come from?
  • 2. What is the product made of?
  • 3. What happens to the product at the end of its life?

Declare® labels are the equivalent of nutrition labels for food products – they list all ingredients used in a product. This label requires that Metroflor’s raw material suppliers are meeting the same stringent guidelines as required by Declare®. Declare® is one example of Metroflor’s transparency with consumers and end-users sharing a depth of information about our products that few other manufacturers match. It reflects our commitment to making LVT products that are safe for home and office and belief in the consumer's right-to-know.
Visit the Declare® website, click Manufacturer, the select Metroflor Corporation to view the currently available Declare labels for Metroflor products.

JUST® is a nutrition label for socially just and equitable organizations. JUST® is not a certification program, but rather a transparency platform for organizations to disclose their operations, including how they treat employees and where they make financial and community investments. HMTX Industries, Metroflor’s parent company, has met the JUST requirements for our two primary LVT factories in China. These factories are the first LVT factories in the world – and the first factories in any industry in China – to earn the JUST® designation.
Most recently, HMTX Industries earned a JUST label for all of its facilities in the United States located in Connecticut, Georgia, and Wisconsin. Applying quantitative JUST criteria has helped us to objectively see our strengths as well as identify opportunities for improvement. This new label, pictured at right, is the world’s first JUST label under the 2.0 standard to be issued to a manufacturer, and the first to be issued to a resilient flooring company. JUST labels are a means by which HMTX Industries will continue to demonstrate its unrivaled commitment to transparency and a sincere commitment to our employees around the world.
JUST® provides peace of mind and confidence that our LVT products are made by responsible manufacturers who are good stewards of their communities who treat their employees fairly and pay them a living wage. JUST® represents Metroflor’s
commitment to social justice and equity not only in our Chinese factories, but in our facilities around the world.
Visit the JUST® labels for HMTX Industries’ LVT factories.

Health Product Declarations (HPDs)
The Health Product Declaration (HPD) Open Standard provides a framework for product manufacturers and their ingredient suppliers to report and disclose information about products and associated health information. A report published in compliance with the HPD Open Standard is referred to as a completed "Health Product Declaration," or "HPD."
HPDs have become more and more common among flooring manufacturers, including Metroflor, as commercial architects and designers have embraced them and request HPD’s from manufacturers on behalf of their clients to ensure the health and wellness of building occupants.
Metroflor supports the HPD-Collaborative and publishes HPD’s for a wide array of commercial-oriented products in Engage Genesis, Engage Inception, Metroflor LVT, Attraxion, and Artistek product lines.
Visit the HPD Public Repository to download HPD’s available for Metroflor’s flooring products..

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