Facts About Plasticizers


1. The Role of Plasticizers in LVT

  • Plasticizers are a necessity in any vinyl flooring. They provide flexibility, resilience, durability, longevity, strength and the “sturdy cushion” feeling that makes vinyl flooring comfortable underfoot. Recent controversies surrounding plasticizers involves a class of plasticizers called ortho-phthalates such as DINP, DEHP and others.
2. Phthalate versus Non-Phthalate Plasticizers
  • In recent years, authorities in the U.S. and Europe have raised health concerns about ortho-phthalates based on high-dosage animal studies which showed reproductive and development toxicity and carcinogenic effects. As a result, some ortho-phthalates such as DINP are not allowed to be used in childcare products and toys. This ban on ortho-ohthalates has not been extended to other consumer products.
  • It’s important to know that Metroflor uses only DOTP (also known as DHET) in all of its vinyl flooring products. DOTP is classified as a non-phthalate plasticizer by the chemical industry because it is not an ortho-phthalate. DOTP has been widely studied and given a clean bill of health. DOTP is not on or being considered for the California list of reproductive toxins or carcinogens and is approved by industry regulators for use in toys. A comprehensive 2009 risk assessment of DOTP concluded that it can safely be used in toys.
3. Safety First…and Always
  • Metroflor’s number one mission is to provide high-performance, sustainable and safe products. Our use of the non-phthalate plasticizer DOTP is another example of our commitment to this mission. In fact, Metroflor has been at the forefront of this shift away from phthalate plasticizers. When the State of California published its notice of intent to list DINP on Prop 65 as a substance known to cause cancer, we immediately began to search for a viable replacement. Further, by the end of 2013, Metroflor had completed the phase out of DINP on the majority of our LVT products and today we are proud to say that all our LVT products use only DOTP.

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