Environmental Initiatives by Metroflor

Environmental Initiatives

Metroflor has made a commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and combat climate change. A detailed greenhouse gas inventory of all operations is currently underway, and carbon neutral shipping is an industry leading effort that is being offered to customers.

Effective July 1, 2020, all domestic UPS shipments of Metroflor samples and accessories will ship as a UPS carbon neutral shipping program partner.

Metroflor’s participation in UPS carbon neutral program helps fund global environmental projects that are reducing carbon emissions, such as the sustainable conservation of the Garcia River Forest. Other projects include The Conservation Fund’s Big River and Salmon Creek Forests in California. UPS also supports the Suzhou Qizi Mountain landfill gas recovery project in China and the Chol Charoen wastewater methane destruction project in Thailand.

Through Metroflor’s support and adoption of UPS carbon neutral, both Metroflor and its customers are reducing their carbon footprint and supporting emissions reduction projects that mitigate the climate impact of parcel shipping.

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