Metroflor Waterproof Rigid Core Floors are Assure CertifiedTM


ASSURE CERTIFIEDTM Provides Confidence in Your Metroflor Waterproof Rigid Core Floor

ASSURE CERTIFIED is a certification program for rigid core floors administered by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) and operated by SCS Global Services, an independent third-party certifying organization.

ASSURETM provides minimum indoor air quality, product ingredient safety, and performance standards for WPC and SPC rigid core floors, commonly referred to as waterproof floors.

To become ASSURE CERTIFIED, Metroflor has submitted our waterproof rigid core floors to be safety tested to ASSURE that your rigid core floor:

  • • Emits little to no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) that can adversely affect indoor air quality
  • • Is free of heavy metals like mercury and lead
  • • Is free of phthalates, a plasticizer that causes adverse health effects

Our floors are also tested for a battery of performance criteria to ASSURE your rigid core floor performs to your expectations and satisfaction:

  • • Dent resistance
  • • Stain and chemical resistance
  • • Resistance to fading and discoloration
  • • Resistance to gapping, curling, and cupping

Metroflor's waterproof rigid core floor brands Engage Genesis WPC, Engage Inception SPC, and Metrostone SPC are all ASSURE CERTIFIED. ASSURE CERTIFIED products can display the ASSURE CERTIFIED mark on samples, packaging, and on their website. Click the links below to view the ASSURE certificates for Metroflor’s ASSURE CERTIFIED products:

For more information on the ASSURE CERTIFIED program visit the RFCI at Click Here

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